Thursday, February 28, 2013

In The Garden Part 2

I haven't made much progress this week i'm afraid because it has been too cold.I was passing the flower shop in the High Street the other day and i spotted a plant called a campanula which is a nice looking alpine plant and an ivy plant so i bought them and planted them and they seem to be growing ok despite the weather.I did venture out there the other day for half an hour and moving a pile of twigs i found a frog hibernating.I went to get my camera to take his picture but when i got back he had hopped it.I wonder if it was the one that i saw last summer that i called Lightning Hopkins? Hopefully he will return later in the year.I also put up a bird nesting box and a bird feeder to see if i can encourage any birds to live in my garden.
                         This afternoon it was a bit warmer and sunnier so i managed to get outside for over an hour and resumed my pond digging.The pond is going to be right next to where our former cat Murphy is buried.I planted a bay tree over Murphy's grave and it has grown really well (See picture). Beverley Nichols the author of 'Down The Garden Path ' once said,"To dig one's own spade into one's own earth!.Has life anything better to offer than this?".Well that may be true but in my case its not my spade,i borrowed the spade from Jeff my next door neighbour.
This weekend i'm hoping it will be warm enough to get out there for quite a few hours and make some real progress because there is a lot to do before the spring.I'll write again after the weekend and let you know how i am getting on.

The actor Richard Briers who starred in The Good Life died last week and purely by coincidence the following day i was in the Dorothy House charity shop and i saw a book by him on the subject of gardening so i bought it.It is full of great writing and quotes so i will leave you with one quote.

'All gardening is landscape painting'
Alexander Pope

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